America elected a new President who many believe can “Make America Great Again”. After the last eight years of policies under the Obama Administration, many feel as if we are recovering from a storm and we can now start the clean-up efforts. The last Administration divided our country and the new Administration didn’t help to bring unity while on the campaign trail. Regardless of your position, one has to admit the division raises the question – “Can America REALLY be great again?”
In the music business, making a great record starts with a great song. The message of the song is important, but it needs the help of a producer who can convey its message through music. It will need a band, the right voice, in the right key and at the right tempo. If any of these elements are not in sync, a great song can be reduced to a good song or in some cases a bad song. Every stage of the life of a record is important to sell the record, concert tickets, and generate chart position. Yet some times a great song doesn’t see its full potential, simply because everything doesn’t work together like it should.
America is the same way. She has to work together. There are many different components to our country, with diversities and talents to help us achieve unimaginable levels of success. We have conquered great difficulties and acquired luxuries that would leave our forefathers in awe. Technology has afforded us a quality of life that could only have been imagined during the birth of our nation. But somewhere we got off track.
Our moral compass got out of skew and our homes became broken. Divorce is socially acceptable, and fewer dads take a role in a child’s life today. Many moms are left to raise a child by themselves. This breakdown of the home decreases discipline, increases sexual abuse or even teenage pregnancy. Some argue removing guns protect the innocent lives of children, while in the same breath fight for the right to murder a baby. The selfie taking generation is an epidemic, exalting pride, arrogance, and self-centeredness, sometimes resulting in fatalities all at the expense of “likes” and “shares”.
America has lost her way and turned from her first love. JESUS said this about the Church at Ephesus, when HE told John to write to the seven churches. “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.” – Revelation 2:4 | KJV
If America is ever going to be great again, her homes must turn back to JESUS – her first love. A home, like a great song, must have all parts working together. Dads and Moms need to be following JESUS, leading by a GODLY example. Home is where we need to start, not Washington. Yes, America CAN be great again; if the Church teaches GOD’S Word in HIS house, if families practice it in their house, then maybe it will be right in the White House.
It Is Written!
Revelation 2:4
Are YOU Reading?

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