Most of us love Christmas.
We get excited to - Celebrate Christmas.
We put up a tree - to Celebrate Christmas.
We purchase presents as we - Celebrate Christmas.
We look forward to Santa as we - Celebrate Christmas.
We watch the sky for reindeer as we - Celebrate Christmas.
We decorate the house & yard as we - Celebrate Christmas.
We sell our children on the idea that "Santa is watching" & that the "Elf on the shelf" is here on his behalf - all as we - Celebrate Christmas.
But the truth is - we really aren't Celebrating Christmas without JESUS.
Oh - we are celebrating something - but it isn't Christmas.
The Bible warns us about buying into a lie. (Romans 1:18-25)
GOD is not please or glorified when we worship the man made religion of Christmas, over HIM.
And that's just what we've done - dethroned the Living GOD & exalted the Santa Claus.
Celebrating Christmas without JESUS, takes glory from HIM - and that doesn't sit well with GOD.
It Is Written!
Isaiah 42:8
Are YOU Reading?

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