Friday the world watched as America exercised a peaceful "Transition of Power".

This transition was done publicly, in front of witnesses.
One leader, giving power to another.
While the transition for this position went peaceful, it has caused disruption among those who witness it & who may not agree with the decision.
Isn't that a perfect picture of the Christian faith?
The "Transition of Power" from a sinful & corrupt man, to a HOLY & PERFECT GOD.
When true transfer of power is made publicly, it may bring peace to the individual transferring the power to GOD.
But for those that witness this change, it can cause some to rejoice, while others a disruption.
Disruption in friendships, relationships & business dealings.
Chaos comes about from a world who don't understand that they MUST turn from sin, turn to GOD & transfer power.
Have you transferred power?
Have you done it publicly?
Do you have peace today?
Are others upset with you because you are "no fun" anymore?
Becoming a Christian may not be a very popular thing, but when you transition to eternity - you'll be glad you did.
It Is Written!
Romans 6:12-13
Are YOU Reading?

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